Monday, January 21, 2008

Life is Fragile

Hi Friends,
Well it’s 2 weeks into my month in Africa, so nearly the half way point. It’s been a an interesting 2 weeks. The first week was a YWAM conference with over 200 workers from all over southern Africa. It was great to see a broad range of diversity from around the world as well as from all over Africa. I’m always blown away when I see the diversity of God displayed in His Creation and see the unity that comes to belonging to family of God regardless of color, culture, nationality, or economic status. It’s a beautiful thing!

My time so far as also been a bit surreal. During my first week here I learned that my grandfather, Ambrosio Bosquez, passed away in Piedras Negras, Mexico. It was a bit tough to be away from my family for the time of grieving and remembering him together as a family. Fortunately my mom and dad were able to be there to represent my brother and I, since we’re both overseas at the moment. My brother and I were fortunate enough to see him together last May, I think I knew in my heart that would be my good bye to him. I’m sure he’s enjoying his new home.

Being in Africa always seems to put me back in touch with how fragile life is, thus making it that much more precious and making me realize how valuable people are, whether I recognize their value or not. I get that feeling of fragility with news about my grandfather, but also when I’m about 10 feet from an elephant that was tearing apart a tree. (yes, that did happen about 3 days ago).

Thanks again for your prayers, friendship, and love. It’s priceless.

Your Friend,

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