Sunday, January 13, 2008


Hi Friends,
Happy Belated New Year to all of you. Hope that your holidays were full of good food, good friends, and good time with family. Have you happened to make any New Years Resolutions yet?

I’ve been thinking a lot about home lately. What it is? Where it is, and what makes a home? I think about it a lot because my lifestyle and the nature of what we do in Africa in regards to the orphan and the widow. And I’m finding that most people are either trying to get back home or find a new one.

Thinking about this makes our name, “Ten Thousand Homes”, so much more meaningful for me. A home is a place to belong, more than simply a place to live and redefines what it means to be an orphan (not just losing your parents). Africa’s orphans need home. Not just 4 walls and a roof, but a place to belong. A place to be loved, to be safe, and to inherit more than they thought possible. Orphans are often just surviving, often afraid to dream or risk because of what it will cost to do so. This was never more evident than when I stayed with the orphan headed household in August. It seems the more and more people I meet, the more I realize how much the role of home plays in all our lives - our sense of belonging.

Several years back I was in Ireland I saw a little piece of graffiti. I had to photograph it. And it has always stayed with me. “Home is not where you live, but where they understand you.” Home gives us a place to belong. It is a huge part of every person’s identity and makes all the difference in how our lives impact the world, the poor, & the needy.

How do our lives create home for others?

Your Friend,
Dave Henry


lisa e. said...

I love the quote, mind if i use it sometime? We sure are missing you and want a visit before you leave the continent. will chat it up soon.

For your pleasure... said...

Ah Dave, thanks wonder I've always felt so homeless...

Ren said...

Yeah, I think there are different kinds of homelessness. Christ himself was homeless. "The Son of Man had nowhere to lay his head.." and we often speak of emulating that (especially in YWAM, no?) But homelessness can be a dual thing. Both good and bad. One man might crave the homelessness that accompanies following Christ while another man is lonely and desperate. If we place our "home" in Christ and not in the things of the world, we are never homeless. To bring hope, comfort, and community to those lacking is the best way to bring anyone "home." Nice blog Dave.
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sarah said...

David to hear your heart! Bless you my friend....

Elizabeth said...

Dave, I agree...great quote. I may use it too. Thanks for making time to visit over the holidays.
Praying for your next journey to Africa...Blessings,