Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Survival Doesn't Cut It.

Ever get those petitions to help a cause or non profit win $250,000 worth of ad space in the NY Times or some other publication? Or some twitter\facebook contest from a beverage distributer giving money to a charity? There’s about one every week it seems. Some new contest where winner takes all for the attention of the masses. As it turns out, I work in the non-profit sector. I move in circles where these type of things come up often. 
In the United States there are 200 people for every 1 non-profit. That’s a pretty small pool. Hence, we get mailings or petitions every week to give money to a charity. All of a sudden, it’s a battle for a survival. It seems there is a survival mentality among many orgs. Are our respective missions meant to be about brand survival? I doubt it. 
Granted my org isn’t very big, but do you have to be a huge brand and have celebrities attached to your cause to make it?  I hope that we can push past survival and actually serve those whom we claim to be fighting for. We\I am not here to be bigger/better/faster. I’m here to make an impact - and do that while building bridges instead of burning them. 
As always, I would love your feed back...let’s have a conversation.
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