Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Another World

It's been a while friends. I've recently updated and re organized my blog so it will be easier for you to keep a pulse on how things are progressing. It's certainly been an incredible adventure for me over the last few months. I've been traveling since Oct. 21 until 2 days ago. It started in New Haven and took me to LA, Denver, Orlando, Pennsylvania, Illinois, Michigan, Missouri, Texas, back to Connecticut, back to Texas, and finally home to New Haven. It has been an incredible 6 weeks.
All of this traveling has been for Ten Thousand Homes, which is the team I work with that is working to eventually end the Orphan Crisis in Southern Africa. As I've traveled and seen the generous and humbling response of people from various backgrounds, I can't help but get excited. I've loved the seeing "the light turn on" for people in regards to Africa. This is something bigger than I can imagine. It's bigger than a brand, it's bigger than a group of committed believers. This is a MOVEMENT! Ordinary people who think it's possible to end the Orphan Crisis and who think it's not OK that there are an estimated 16 million orphans in sub-saharan Africa. People of Faith and Hope - this is our moment!
I know it sounds impossible, but just imagine if we paid as much attention to Africa as we do to Tiger Woods crashing his car? Would there still be an Orphan Crisis? What if our paradigm changed and we no longer saw Africa as "that place" with "those problem", but as a continent waiting to unleash it's love on the world? We need Africa and it's beauty. I sometimes wonder how history will look upon us in regards to Africa and the Orphan Crisis?
This isn't to say that I don't fight my own enemies of apathy, ignorance, fear, & selfishness. We all do I suppose. The call to the ordinary is louder than ever. The only question that remains is this: Is it worth it? Is God worth it? Is Africa worth it? Faith, Hope, and Love, but the greatest of these is LOVE.

Another world is possible.

With Hope,

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