Monday, February 16, 2009

Africa Feb. 16

Hola Amigos!

Hello from South Africa…yes, I’m back here again. It’s been a hectic few weeks since the Holidays. Just have a look at my travel schedule on the right and that should pretty much fill you in on things. Now that I’ve made it back to Africa I feel like I can finally hear myself, and God a bit more clearly. I suppose I shouldn’t be that surprised, that so much of the “white noise” disappears. For me, there aren’t nearly as many things to demand my attention – distractions that trick me into thinking that they will actually give me life or restore my soul.

In the midst of the hectic schedule, I’ve been really privileged to see God’s faithfulness to me…Particularly with this trip to Africa. Financially it was tight, so I didn’t really feel like it would be wise or that I was to risk putting this trip on a credit card. Then, out of the blue, a friend of Houston, rather unexpectedly, donated almost exactly the amount I needed for the flight! Living life on the edge of God’s great adventure is scary and fulfilling all at the same time. I’m blown away when things like this happen. To be honest, I don’t really have the words. Thank you just doesn’t feel adequate. Especially, in the midst of so much economic struggle across America. The simple fact that someone went against the advice of so many and gave generously and extravagantly is a reflection of God’s heart for His people.

To top things off…my flight from London to Johannesburg was canceled until the following day due to the about 2 inches of snow. (Seriously, 2 inches!) Anyway, a day and half in Heathrow Airport isn’t exactly my idea of a fun time. Fortunately, I’ve got “people”. My good friend Ken from New Haven was flying in from the USA the same time and was being picked up by our close mutual friend, Johnny, who lives in London. So I ended up in a warm home with friends, good food, and a warm bed – Many thanks to Johnny, Lisa, Pete and Gabi!

I’m always amazed how God shows His faithfulness to me…via His people.

Much Love,

PS. By the way, London is really beautiful in the snow!

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tyler said...

God is the hot fuss in life and I like it when we are reminded of that :) (when he helped you with finances and got you out of the "white noise") I love that about being in Africa, The air is clear, the sky is clear and the mind is an ounce less foggy
Have a great day my friend.