Friday, October 17, 2008

Week 3 in Africa

Hi Friends,

It's about a week now before I head back to the States. I want to tell you guys about 2 of the community initiatives we've partnered with. Embowseni & Kabokweni. Don't worry they're phonetic so you can pronounce them.

Both of these places provide very, very essential services like food, love, and the reminder that the orphans and vulnerable children in these communities are not left alone and forgotten.

Here's a couple of photos from Kabokweni and a video for Embosweni. I hope they remind us all of what why we do what we do. And that the Kingdom of God not only lives in our hearts, but it is our job to bring the Kingdom of God to the planet as well.

Thanks you all so much for your incredible support and friendship. I can't say it enough. You guys are making this possible. Thank you!

Your Friend,

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John, Carla & Rae Shaw said...

That was so very touching and much needed. Do you mind if I share your blog address with my email update? Miss you!