Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Almost There

Hi Friends,
In just a few days I’ll be leaving South Africa for the States via England to visit good friends. As I’ve reflected on my time, there are plenty of triumphs, tragedies, joys, and sadness. I could paint a rosy picture of how my time here has been one huge joy ride, but the truthfully it is both joy and pain. Let’s not pretend, shall we?

Something that has really been apparent to me has been the necessity for beauty here. Granted I know that there is a certain amount of beauty in every situation, for those who choose to find it. However in a place where survival is the name of the game, beauty often gets pushed right out of the way. The appreciation of beauty is a sign that we are no longer just surviving, but truly living, in the fullest sense. I heard someone say, “ The job of art is to chase away ugliness.” Not just aesthetic ugliness or the reality of life, but the ugliness of just surviving and living for the tyranny of the immediate. Beauty reminds us that there is something more, “a deeper magic”, and that there is a God who is meticulously involved, pursuing, seeking.

Take time today to find God in the most unlikely place or person. Ask Him to make you aware. Ask Him to remind you of what is good and beautiful in the world.

Your Friend,
Dave Henry


For your pleasure... said...

If its the job of art to chase away ugliness, its the job of God to make beautiful of what was ugly. Send my love to the down and outs in the UK...
and the gates of heaven are open, the porchlight's a-glow, so come one down...

For your pleasure... said...

oh yeah, its also God's job to bring back to TX.