Thursday, August 23, 2007

A Funny Story

Hello Again Friends,
I forgot to mention a story from my time in Masoyi. I don't know how I forgot to tell you, but I did. My bad guys.
So on the last night of my time in Masoyi, our very drunk neighbor decided to pay a visit...and he brought a friend, actually his daughter. I thought "okay, maybe it's an african thing to bring your daughter to meet the foreigner who's staying next door." Well, it is if you want the foreigner next door to marry your daughter. He proceeded in drunken english/suswahti to inform me that his daughter would give me many children. And his daughter was right there! (that wasn't awkward at all) Although he made several good cases, I really thought it would be best to decline. Besides, I didn't have the 30 chickens and goats he was asking for. To be quite honest, I'm just a bit surprised by all this. I wasn't exactly looking my dashing self. Full beard and no shower for about 4 days and I just returned from working on a building site for a new care center. Not exactly looking my devastatingly handsome self.

Awkward Africa moment #372: turning down the neighbor's daughter.

Awkward Africa moment #373 sure to come soon.

Much Love,


Ginna said...

HA! Only 372 awkward Africa moments so far?!? You are doing quite well:). Great story.

For your pleasure... said...

Don't discredit 'the beard and no shower for 4 days', Dave...
You think I got Laura with a clean shave, smelling like Irish Spring?

John, Carla & Rae Shaw said...

Dave Henry, we have started a fund raiser for your chickens & goats. We personnally can throw in about 10. Don't give up! You can count on us!!!!!

Sharon said...

I agree with Jen - you shouldn't have dismissed it so quickly!! She could be the love of your life =)

mark a. trout said...

dave, i can't believe you turned it down. it was your big chance, your one shining moment!