Tuesday, July 10, 2007

I Made It!

Hi Friends,
I made it! It’s great to be back in Africa. It’s currently winter here…winter being a relative term. (Lots of sunshine and about 65 in the day, 40 at night). Here are some photos of where I live and my journey over. It over looks the valley that is home to the Masoyi community. We’re about 10 kilometres from the nearest paved road at the top of a hill. Our electricity went out the other day for about 12 hours. When I asked why, everyone responded, “Welcome to Africa!” Yet, somehow the inconveniences add to my over all love for this place. It reminds me of what I do and don’t necessarily need.
I saw a bunch of guys from the village today. It's such a privilege for me to be remembered by them. It's probably the most rewarding part for me...among other things. When the poor remember your name, it says something about what they see in me and it’s humbling. These guys have seen several short-term people come thru, but when they feel a sense of home with around me it means a lot. Obviously it is the relational investment that is the most important thing. I love being here, but it’s the people who make it what it is.
Thanks for reading. I really appreciate all your prayers and friendship. It means a lot. Lots of love to all of you. Keep in touch if you can. I’d love to know how you are and how I can be praying for you.

Your Friend,


tedwallace said...

So, I'm really happy to be the first to leave you a comment!!

Sounds like you're having fun already. I'll keep checking in to see how things are going.

I'm really happy for you, Dave.

Elizabeth Ulloa said...

Hi Dave! I'm excited to be able to check in on your site to see Africa through your eyes.

Thank you for keeping us posted and I look forward to the coming days of your journey!